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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the search for that missing autistic 7-year-old ends in tragedy tonight. his family is in mourning as michael kingsbury's body was found in a car right near his home. >> he'd been missing since sunday morning and the discovery of his lifeless little body has many people asking how search crews missed him. our ken molestina is live in northeast d.c. and he was there when that grim discovery was made. >> reporter: it happened right near his home less than a block from where he went missing. tonight the members of this community were supposed to come out to have a gathering to pray for his safe return home. instead everyone is left shocked and grieving. >> it was hard for me to see. somebody was holding her up. she fell. it was very hard to see that. >> reporter: 7-year-old michael kingsbury's mother was inconsolable hearing the news. by nightfall she found enough strength to talk to us. >> you just watch your children. just watch them. i never imagined this day i'd
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never see my child again. i'm just going through all kind of changes. i haven't seen my boy since saturday and i will never see my boy again, but thank everybody that came out of their home to help assist my find any child. >> reporter: the boy -- my child. >> reporter: the boy who had been living with autism was last seen late saturday morning. on monday his body was found a block from where he lived in the 1700 block of virginia avenue. what is still not known is how he got in the car and who may have known he was in it. just as big of mystery is how dozens of people including police cadets searching for the 7-year-old missed him in the previous searches. >> i'm devastated. i searched the area. >> reporter: gastin mcveigh was working hand in hand with search crews and can't come up with a reason for not finding the boy in the very spot he claims they looked into several times. >> that's something that i have to sleep with and live with
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because we were that close. >> reporter: there are still many questions police investigators will need to get to the bottom of. one thing is for sure. this community has been left rattled with emotions after their worst fears are confirmed. >> this is a sad time in the neighborhood. we all got to come together and pray for this family. >> reporter: the boy's body has been sent off to the medical examiner's office where they will determine the exact cause of death. meanwhile police detectives, this community and everyone involved in this search wants to know how this all happened. the answer to that question could take days, maybe even weeks, ken molestina, wusa9. >> a lot of people hurting over this and not just people who live in that neighborhood. thank you. the mother of a baby who died inside a hot car is spending the night in jail. 32-year-old zoraida hernandez is charged with felony child neglect. investigators say her 8-month- old baby boy was in the car six hours on friday while she worked in arlington. once she realized the baby was
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there she rushed him to inova alexandria hospital, but it was too late. we're still waiting to find out if charges will be filed in baltimore against the man who left a 16-month-old girl inside a hot car. that relative was supposed to take her to daycare, but he forgot and it was only when he went to pick her up several hours later that he realized she had been in the car the entire time. she, too, was rushed to the hospital but died. quite a day in the george zimmerman trial today, defense attorneys had friends testifying on zimmerman's behalf and they were asked to listen to a 911 call that could be critical to the outcome . susan mcguiness has more from sanford, florida. >> reporter: jurors in the george zimmerman murder trial will hear about a toxicology report showing trayvon martin had a small amount of marijuana in his system the day he was shot. the judge's ruling follows a dramatic day of testimony that was all about the scream on this 911 call.
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>> do you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> reporter: the defense asked several friends of zimmerman to listen to the call. >> whose voice is it? >> george zimmerman's voice. >> yes, definitely that's georgie. >> i thought it was george. >> no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman. >> reporter: the screams on that 911 call are critical. the case could turn on who the jury believes the aggressor was during the deadly confrontation. the defense says the neighborhood watchman screamed when trayvon martin attacked him and he shot the 17-year-old in self-defense. martin's parents claim the screams are actually from their son, but the defense called a police officer who said tracy martin wasn't so sure when he first heard the tape. >> i in inquired as if that was -- inquired as if that was, in fact, his son yelling for help. >> what was his help? >> he looked away and under his breath as i interpreted it said no. >> reporter: tracy martin
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insists that's not what happened. he claims when he first heard the tape -- >> i just kind of shook my head and said i can't tell. >> reporter: martin said after listening to the call several times he then realized it was his son's voice. >> zimmerman is charged with second degree murder and he faces life in prison if he's convicted. a richmond judge will rule later this week whether to dismiss embezzlement charges against a former virginia executive mansion chef. todd schneider faces four felony charges for allegedly taking food from the mansion kitchen. now schneider claims that governor bob mcdonnell required him to cater private events and take as payment the items he's accused of stealing. he also claims the mcdonnell family members took items from the kitchen, too. in a motion to dismiss the defense argues that attorney general ken cuccinelli should have withdrawn from the case early last year when schneider told authorities about the alleged wrongdoing by mcdonnell and his family, but cuccinelli
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did not withdraw until after schneider was indicted. check out this guy. i do mean a guy or a dude. that's what he is. on the 4th of july a couple security guards at saks at potomac mills mall saw derrick brown shoplifting and confronted him in the parking lot. brown pepper sprayed them and took off running. in addition to dropping the $1,300 in clothes he stole, he also dropped his driver's license. tonight cops are still looking for brown who apparently lives in northeast d.c. if you know where he is, give prince william county police a call. federal aviation officials are looking into the final seconds of that asiana airlines jet that crashed saturday while landing at the san francisco international airport. the charred fuselage remains just off the busy runway. the plane's tail struck the seawall as it was coming into the runway. that's what separates the runway from san francisco bay.
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>> the lower portion of the tail cone is in the rocks at the seawall and there was a significant piece of the tail of this aircraft that was in the water. >> federal investigators say that plane was flying almost 40 miles per hour slower than a normal 777 does as it is landing. seven seconds before impact a member of the flight crew called for increased speed. three seconds later the flight controls began to shake, a signal the plane was close to losing lift or stalling and with just a second and a half before the plane was to hit the ground the flight crew tried to abort the landing and come around for another try. tonight seven passengers are in critical condition. two chinese students were killed, one of them possibly hit by a rescue vehicle as she lay on the tarmac. the crews are still trying to stablize a dangerous situation in quebec where a run- away oil tanker train exploded
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and killed at least five people. the manager at a bar that was leveled in that explosion says she believes there were at least three employees inside and about 50 customers as well. crews have not been able to search for the dozens of missing people because of the danger of additional fires and explosions. they're also trying to contain 27,000 gallons of crude that spilled out from the tankers and made its way into nearby waterways. the obama administration is calling for calm following the bloodiest day of protests in egypt in nearly two years. at least 50 people were killed today when the fighting erupted between members of the muslim brotherhood and the egyptian military. the muslim brotherhood wants to see egypt's first democratically elected president return to power and insists this was an unprovoked attack. the military says protesters fired first and pointed to this video of a demonstrator with a weapon as evidence. the white house says it will take more time to determine whether to call morsi's ouster a military coup.
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>> tens of millions of egyptians had legitimate grievances with president morsi's undemocrattic form of governance and do not believe this was a coup. >> according to the law, if there was a military coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. country singer randy travis is in critical condition tonight at a texas hospital suffering from viral cardiomyopathy, a heart condition caused by a virus which can lead to heart failure. treatment range from medications to implanted devices, even a heart transplant. travis made headlines last year when he was found naked after crashing his pontiac trans am. he pled guilty to driving while intoxicated. john kerry's wife teresa is getting better. she was rushed to a nantucket hospital sunday and then flown to massachusetts general in boston. someone close to the family said her symptoms were consistent with a seizure. the secretary of state was with
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his wife today as she underwent more tests. a huge setback tonight for a 10-year-old pennsylvania girl whose parents fought so hard so she could get an adult lung transplant. turns out she's developed pneumonia in one of those new lungs. her mom said sunday was stuff, but she was more stable today. sarah has been hospitalized for months with end stage cystic fibrosis and june 12th she had a lung transplant, but those failed within hours. she got a second set of lungs june 15th and those were infected with pneumonia, but doctors managed to remove the infected portion. talk about politics making some strange bedfellows, the woman who claims she provided escorts to eliot spitzer may end up being his political opponent. kristen davis, spitzer's ex- madam is campaigning to be new york city's controller. that's the same position spitzer wants. he stepped down as new york's governor five years ago following that prostitution scandal. grammy award winning singer lauren hill is preparing for
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her first night behind bars. today she reported to a correctional institute in danbury, connecticut. she'll serve three months for failing to pay her federal income taxes. in addition to prison time, a judge ordered hill to serve three months of home confinement and a year of supervised probation. she also has to pay back taxes and a $60,000 fine. remember that red panda that escaped from the zoo? well, we've got an update on that sneaky little guy. >> 87 was the high, still in the low 80s right now. here's your wakeup weather, a little muggy, a little patchy fog possible about 7:00 and 9:00 temperatures back into the 70s. we'll come back and have the latest on tropical storm chantal and show you very cool video of a waterspout. >> and there's something new at the washington monument. bad cameraman. no, no, they have to wait until after
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so hurry into your local subway today! subway. eat fresh. an update now on what maybe the national zoo's sneakiest resident. you remember rusty the red panda. tomorrow rusty will be back in his exhibit. on june 24th he broke out of the zoo, hit the town for several hours. his adventures ended when he was spotted in adams morgan. i think he was probably at mr.
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henry's or something. no doubt you have seen the scaffolding surrounding the washington monument the last few months they've been fixing the earthquake damage. >> tonight it's got a new makeover and our debra alfarone is live at the monument for all the lights, right? >> reporter: absolutely, lesli and derek. you've seen that scaffolding all around the 555-foot high washington monument, but now take a look at this, that scaffolding now covered by fabric you can see through lit from behind. question. how much would you donate to see this fixed? you're about to meet the multimillion dollar man. ♪[ music ] >> five, four, three, two, one. >> happy new year! [ laughter ] >> amazing. >> reporter: everyone has a picture. everyone has a story, but not everyone has 7 1/2 million
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dollars to donate to fix the washington monument. this man does. >> i've been very fortunate to come from very modest circumstances and to be able to make more money than i probably need to spend. so i want to give it away to help this country. >> reporter: david rubenstein, call him the $7.5 million man. >> it's the largest contribution we've received. >> they're beautiful. i'm so impressed. >> reporter: hundreds came to see the 488 lights that climb up the 555-foot tall monument includ ing kevin clapell and his family. >> it's our first year in d.c. we wanted to come out and celebrate. everyone is having a good time. they finally put the lights on and here it is. >> it's just very special. we're just honored to live here and we enjoy learning about all the history of our nation. >> reporter: and for some a simpler outlook. >> very cool looking. >> reporter: i have to agree,
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it definitely is very cool looking and a lot of people came out to see it. when is this whole thing going to be fixed and ready? spring of 2014. they say they're on schedule. >> can't wait to see it restored to all of its splendor. there comes a time when every man must venture out and try something new, expand his horizons or else feel the cold grip of father time strangling what's left of his stamina, his flexibility, his very soul. so tonight derek says got yoga, anybody? >> today was my very first hot yoga session and right off the top i know what you're thinking, how hot was it? it was so hot they had a sign that said no shirt, no pants, no problem. it was so hot mayor bloomberg was in there and he was drinking a big gulp. you get the picture. 10 minutes in and i am pouring sweat, struggling to keep up with the class regulars and i thought i was doing okay until
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the instructor uttered these surprisingly disheartening words. okay. that's it for the warm-up. warm-up? you got to be kidding me, but she was serious, hot yoga serious. it was time to get into this, okay, challenging and then this, okay, maybe one day and then this which come on, spider- man cannot do this. there was one pose i found myself to be quite proficient at, sort of came natural. hey, first time, remember seriously this hot yoga business is no joke. the poses are already crazy hard, but the temperature is what tests your ability to focus and tolerate discomfort. let's be real. it is not fun, at least not yet, but the other folks in there were raving about it. so i guess i got to go back just to try to figure out why. >> good for you, derek. the one yoga class i took i was
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pregnant and they said close your eyes a few minutes and i fell asleep for the rest of the class and i was so embarrassed because i'm sure there was like some snoring or something. >> you had an excuse. >> i don't know, but after that experience i said i don't think that's for me. what about you? >> i'm so much younger than derek. i don't need hot yoga i'm so flexible. >> okay. >> i wish. we are looking at a repeat performance of tomorrow. before that i want to talk about this video came to us out of tampa, a waterspout, looks pretty ominous. they had different winds from different directions and it made this rotation. it was a waterspout off the coast, so it was just a tornado over water. i don't think it actually came ashore, never did any damage, but pretty well defined picture. this is pretty cool stuff actually, especially because it did not do any damage. by the time it came across it was pretty much just a funnel cloud. we'll go from tornadoes to tropical storms and this is the
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latest on tropical storm chantal. winds are 50 miles an hour, increased a little. it's about 235 miles east, southeast of barbados moving west, northwest at 26 miles an hour, goes over the herself an till an -- antilles late tonight. it goes northeast over cuba and weakens into the bahamas. i'm not 100% sold on that track and i don't think anybody is. it's just too early to tell. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. again 87 was the high. it's still 80. dew point almost comfortable, 68, winds southwest at 7. radar, some pretty good showers and storms upstream now in through ohio and entering into western p.a. and also west virginia. some of those shower could clip
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our northern sections tomorrow -- showers could clip our northern sections tomorrow morning. most of us will have a dry commute. there's an isolated shower just to the west of frederick and down 66 in between warrenton and out 66 toward luray. patchy fog tomorrow morning, humid again tuesday with afternoon storms. it's not the heat. temperature-wise we're not above average, but it's the humidity that's killing us. summer pattern will hole firm through thursday, maybe the week -- hold firm through thursday, maybe the week. for now we'll maintain green alerts for tuesday, wednesday and thursday am some storms on wednesday, 90 -- thursday, some storms on wednesday, 90, better chance for storms on thursday, 89. that front goes through thursday night. i hesitate to call take cold front, but it technically is. showers end friday, cooler over the weekend and a little less
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humid, temperatures in the upper 80s but still an isolated storm possible saturday, sunday and monday but better. >> take the rest of the week off. it's the same forecast anyway. >> thank you. we've got something special in sports tonight we haven't had in a while. it's called redskin news. >> how about that. >> training camp is not too far away. we'll take you down to richmond for the redskins training camp ribbon cutting. >> we'll check in on bryce harper and going to the big apple for the home run derby. >> and no venus, no problem, a grand slam queen plays for d.c. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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now game on live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> hi, i'm diane roberts. the washington nationals opened a seven-game road trip tonight in philadelphia looking for their fifth straight win. they needed to make up ground. nats are now four games behind the braves division and they face a familiar face in their quest, former nationals pitcher john lannan on the butch for the phillies tonight toss -- bump for the phillies tonight tossing balls over eight innings of work and lannan had
11:25 pm
just enough bat backup. check out jimmy rollins single to right. phillies with a 3-2 win. the nats dan haren struck out a season high seven. take heart, nats fans. you do have something to cheer about. bryce harper will represent washington in the home run derby. that will be fun. he only has 13 on the year, but he's been on the dl and if the man child doesn't excite you, how about this guy, the orioles khris davis, the a.l. includinger and he leads the -- slugger and he leads the league in homers with 33. world team tennis, michelle obama in the house. the 2012 champions unfurled their banner. kastles win their 33rd straight tonight and go for the potentially record setting 34 straight winds tomorrow against
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boston. former new york giant linebacker barrett green is suing former skins defensive coordinator gregg williams and former tight end robert royal saying his 2004 knee injury was because of a bounty. the redskins are concentrating on the positives, though, training camp which is just over two weeks away, derek. the team will train in richmond on state of the art training fields and center which will make for a better fan experience according to gm bruce allen. we caught up with the super bowl winning quarterback joe thiesmann who expects a good season for the skins. >> this is going to be a heck of a football team. i know they won the nfc east last year, but i'll say right now it's the best team in the nfc team east going into this year. when you think of the amount of guys hurt that will be play and when you think of the amount of players that had a chance to play that are going to be backups, i think they're as good as any team in the nfc. >> derek is a happy camper because we're talking football. >> i love joe thiesmann, but he
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ain't exactly mr. objective. >> no, he's not. that's why a lot of people like him. >> he's got his team spirit, can't blame him for that. we'll be right back.
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oh, my goodness. that's our broadcast tonight. thanks for sticking around with us. >> don't forget we're always on of [ male announcer ] do you love prime rib?
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get to your local subway for the delectable, new prime rib melt built fresh from the bread up! savory cuts of tender prime rib in an au jus glaze with deliciously melty provolone, hurry in for a taste you won't soon forget! subway. eat fresh. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter.